CMS Websites – Be in Control

CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’. It is an oline web application that allows website owners to edit, manage and publish web content conveniently without having to know any coding language.

Anyone who knows how to use the basics of Microsoft Word can learn how to manage a CMS website in minutes!

CMS websites is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, professionals and freelancers who need an affordable, flexible, dynamic and effective website.
It also has the capability to expand as your business grows and there will be no external costs involved in updating it all the time.

Advantages with a CMS website

A CMS web site is database driven.

    This allows you to create and store hundreds or thousands of pages in the database without the need to update each one of them. This also means that you are not restricted to a limited amount of pages.

Separate design and content.

    We as the designers will create a professional and modern look for your site while you can at anytime make changes to the content as you wish through the website management control panel. The design of the site template is separate from the content. This allows you to change the design any time without affecting the content stored on the site.

Blog setup

    A CMS website can include a fully integrated blog with all standard blogging features such as chronological posts, comments, RSS feeds, etc – allowing you to publish news effortlessly and to participate in the booming global blogosphere.

Multiple authors

    If you have different authors that wish to contribute to your CMS web site you can set up multiple user access in the administration panel. They can just login and begin adding their content.

Access from anywhere

    Authors and editors can access the site from any computer with an internet connection. This means users can update the site at the same time from any location in the world.

Schedule content updates

    Publishing content can be controlled by creating a draft first then publishing it later. This is handy if you need to coordinate content from multiple authors.

HTML knowledge not required by client

    A CMS site allows “non-technical people” to add content. They just need to login with a user name and password then use the web editor that’s built into the CMS to add their content.

Saves time

    Making changes and adding data or media (photos , videos, etc) through the website management control panel is quick, easy and error free.

Create search engine friendly pages

    CMS sites automatically generate the correct meta tags for each web page which would help them to be spidered by the search engines.

Attracts visitors

    A CMS site attracts visitors because it can be constantly and rapidly updated. It not only generates pages that are search engine friendly but can produce lots of links from the new content that is added and syndicated.

Create automatic RSS Feeds.

    RSS or really simple syndication is integrated automatically into many CMS sites. Every time you create a post or make a comment it creates a feed for it. This allows visitors with RSS Feeders to read the post at their own leisure.

For any further questions on CMS, you can contact us or simply get a quote for your own CMS website